About Us


Southeast Organized Area Residents

Founded May 31st, 2015

Southeast Organized Area Residents (SOAR Inc.) is the neighborhood association of the Southeast Neighborhood in South Bend. Our neighborhood organization was started by residents to benefit not only their own area but the city as a whole. Individuals are encouraged to attend meetings and support their work on your behalf. Working together as neighbors is one way we strengthen our city. SOAR Inc. is designed to give residents a greater voice in the city’s government.

Mission Statement

“We represent the interests and aspirations of those who live in this area to preserve and enhance a safe and appealing neighborhood for all.”


Southeast Organized Area Residents neighborhood association represents the interests of local residents who reside in the area bordered by Sample St.,Miami St., Ewing Ave., and Michigan St.


SOAR Officers:

President: Conrad Damian

Vice-President: Larry Okereke


Treasurer: Sharon McBride


SOAR Executive Committee:

Pat Blackwell

Deloris Clark

Willis Collins

Amanda Dosmann

Lee Gloster

Isaac Hunt

Sheila Leal

Zora Littler

Mercedes Lopez

Raul Lopez

Tina Okereke

Mik Perry

Daniel Turner